FLY 2000 TV - program for a TV tuners, based on chips Philips saa7130, saa7134. List TV tuners built on a base this chips:
1. LifeView FlyVideo 2x00/3x00 (DV2x00/DV3x00)
2. Chronos Video Shuttle II (FM)
3. Genius Video Wonder PRO III
4. Eline TV Master 2000 (FM)
5. Elta 8681 LV / TV
6. Manli HomeTV Tuner

Fly 2000 TV - General information

Fly 2000 TV designed for PC TV tuners such as LifeView FlyVideo 2000/3000, built on Philips saa713x videodecoder chip and board reference design LR138 from Animation Technologies (LifeView).

Fly 2000 TV is written on the basis of the Microsoft DirectShow technology. It enables you to capture stills and video streams from any WDM supporting TV tuner card.
Some noteable features:
- Full captured frame size - 768x576 for PAL, 720x480 for NTSC.
- The 2GB file size limit for AVI files has been resolved.
- It works on all Windows platforms, from 9x to XP.

Most modern PC TV tuners are based on the BrookTree 878 (A), also known as Conexant Fusion 878A. This chip is an 8 bit videodecoder, and inherits from the predecessor Bt848. All have a bad decoding quality for standard SECAM.
Fly2000TV was developed to support TV tuners based on the Philips saa713x series videodecoder chip. This chip has appeared rather recently. In contrast with Bt8x8 it has a 9 bit videodecoder. The visual quality of the decoded image of a saa713x is higher than that of Bt8x8, particularly on SECAM standard.

The majority of the Philips saa713x tuners feature a remote control: the RM-050. Fly 2000 TV supports this RC and uses the extended set of functions of this board.
Also, the program Fly 2000 TV supports other models of TV tuners, not only ones that are based on the Philips chip. The only requirement is the presence of a WDM (Windows Driver Model) driver for your tuner. With VxD drivers the program will not work.

Here is a list of TV tuners based on the Philips saa713x, built on the Proteus Pro reference design:

Aldi Tevion MD9717
SKnet Monster TV
Terratec Sinergy 400/600
K-World KW-TV713XRF

Typhoon TV
Manli Much TV

These tuners are controlled via I2C bus on address 0xC0, they usually have HF module B/G format. To make Fly 2000 TV work with these tuners, the option "Control of HF tuner module through WDM driver" has to be turned ON.

Last News

30.12.2004 - New version FLY 2000 TV - 2.38 RC2 is released.

Fixes and changes List.

10.11.2004 - New version FLY 2000 TV - 2.38 RC1 is released.

26.08.2004 - Radiator's plugin is updated to v2.1

Plugin informations.

13.08.2004 - Radiator's plugin is updated to v2.0

05.07.2004 - New version FLY 2000 TV - 2.38b3 is released.

25.11.2003 - New version FLY 2000 TV - 2.36 is released.

20.10.2003 - New version FLY 2000 TV - 2.35 is released.

05.06.2003 - New version FLY 2000 TV - 2.26 is released.

22.05.2003 - New version FLY 2000 TV - 2.25 is released.

07.03.2003 - New version FLY 2000 TV - 2.20 is released.

26.02.2003 - Radiator's plugin is released.

01.09.2002 - The program Fly 2000 has changed the name on FLY 2000 TV. From this time, the program FLY 2000 TV is distributed as shareware and requires registration. To learn more in detail about registration.

Fly 2000 version 1.0 is accessible only to freeware distribution.

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