FLY 2000 TV - program for a TV tuners, based on chips Philips saa7130, saa7134. List TV tuners built on a base this chips:
1. LifeView FlyVideo 2x00/3x00 (DV2x00/DV3x00)
2. Chronos Video Shuttle II (FM)
3. Genius Video Wonder PRO III
4. Eline TV Master 2000 (FM)
5. Elta 8681 LV / TV
6. Manli HomeTV Tuner


An unregistered copy of FLY 2000 TV is fully functional for 30 days.
Your copy of FLY 2000 TV is ready to be registered at the registration company ShareIt on the Internet.

The registration fee is 24 € (EUR).

If you would like to register a FLY 2000 TV, you can order on-line at:[165670]=1&languageid=1

Or you can go to
and enter the program ID number 165670 in the search window.

If you want buy discounted group licence for 5 or 10 users, go to
and enter the program ID number 166914 in the search window.

Your order will be processed in real-time, and the registration code will be sent to you by e-mail over a period of 12-36 hours.


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