FLY 2000 TV - program for a TV tuners, based on chips Philips saa7130, saa7134. List TV tuners built on a base this chips:
1. LifeView FlyVideo 2x00/3x00 (DV2x00/DV3x00)
2. Chronos Video Shuttle II (FM)
3. Genius Video Wonder PRO III
4. Eline TV Master 2000 (FM)
5. Elta 8681 LV / TV
6. Manli HomeTV Tuner


Last version FLY 2000 TV

FLY 2000 TV v2.38 RC2 Download (1.32 MB)


Old versions FLY 2000 TV

FLY 2000 TV v2.36 Download  (1.41MB)


FLY 2000 TV LCD font files

Greek LCD font file Download (1Kb)
Hungarian LCD font file Download (1Kb)
Portuguese LCD font file Download (1Kb)
Slovak LCD font file Download (1Kb)
Polish LCD font file Download (1Kb)

FLY 2000 TV interface translation files v2.25

Chinese Simplified Download (6 Kb)

FLY 2000 TV interface translation files v2.20

Czech translation Download (6 Kb)
Hungarian translation Download (6 Kb)
Polish translation Download (6 Kb)
Slovak translation Download (6 Kb)


Freeware downloads

Fly 2000 v1.0 Download (340Kb)
Download Mirror#1
Radiator's plugin for TV tuners, based  on Philips SAA713x chip. Version 2.1. Download (24Kb)



WDM drivers for Philips SAA713x
SAA7130-7135 Philips reference WDM driver
v2.3.1.0 (324 KB)
Universal WDM driver.
Is it recommended for working with FLY 2000 TV v2.36 and higher.
For SAA7133, SAA7135 is a best driver.


DirectShow and ACM Codecs

Codecs List

List of several codecs

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